Renal Denervation for Drug-Resistant Hypertension: There Is Still Hope

June 2015 - Cardiovascular Revascularization Medicine

Editorial by Vasilios Papademetriou, MD (Professor of Medicine) Georgetown University Interventional Cardiology, Veterans Affairs Medical Center Washington, DC

In this issue of the journal, MAF-1 portfolio company Ablative Solutions’ Tim A. Fischell et al, publish their results using a new, innovative technique that can provide complete and permanent renal neurolysis and complete renal denervation. Indeed, the procedure seems to be safe and effective. In fact, this is the only study that reported substantial blood pressure and medication reduction in all participants following renal denervation. It is also the only study that demonstrated fiber neurolysis at a depth up to 13mm from the lumen, essentially affecting 100% of the perivascular sympathetic fibers. The reduction of NEPI by N88% also concurs with this impression. From the totality of the renal denervation literature, it becomes apparent that close-to-compete denervation is necessary to achieve optimal blood pressure reduction in suitable patients. This technique therefore merits further investigation. more