Current Portfolio Companies



Intervention Insights
Intervention Insights provides actionable strategies that assist oncologists in developing personalized treatments for patients. The company analyzes cancerous tissue and generates a genomic picture of over 20,000 genes and molecular pathways that uniquely define a person’s cancer and the drugs that target them. This information is delivered to oncologists, who can quickly review hundreds of drugs which specifically target the molecular basis of a person’s cancer.




Metabolic Solutions Development Company
Metabolic Solutions Development Corporation (MSDC) is developing innovative therapeutics to treat diabetes and related symptoms of metabolic syndrome. This new approach seeks to improve treatment efficacy by freeing patients from adverse side effects such as edema and weight gain.




nanoRETE, Inc
nanoRETE is an early stage company with the mission to replace current, suboptimal tuberculosis screening tests with a superior diagnostic tool that advances the market to single point of care. Completing commercialization will deliver a definitive diagnostic tool to be used in the management of public health. Early pre-clinical trial results have demonstrated comparable sensitivity and superior selectivity against the market standard with a greater than 80% reduction in test time, which translates directly to savings in laboratory labor burden.




Ablative Solutions
High blood pressure, or hypertension, is both a disease and a risk factor for heart attack, stroke, heart failure and kidney disease. It is known that disabling the renal artery via surgical means (denervation)can permanently reduce blood pressure. However, as with any surgery, there are significant risks. Ablative Solutions develops and markets proprietary, endovascular catheters to provide an efficacious, durable, cost-effective and safe alternative to surgical renal denervation for the treatment of hypertension. Awarded 2012 Innovator of the Year by Medical Main Street, and recipient of the Top Cardiovascular Innovation Award at the Cardiovascular Research Technologies CRT2015 iMPACT Your Practice conference.




At Vestaron, scientists are unlocking the mystery of how spiders kill insects -- work that is leading to a new generation of insecticides. Based on the natural venom produced by spiders, these insecticides are non-toxic to and aren’t harmful to farm animals, wildlife or farm workers. They protect against insects while at the same time protecting the




Swift Biosciences
Swift Biosciences is a small, fast-moving company focused on developing innovative, enabling technologies for genomics and personalized medicine. Swift’s myT Primer technology was developed to provide both high sensitivity and specificity in mutation detection, making it ideal for cancer research and diagnostic applications.




Tissue Regeneration Systems
Tissue Regeneration Systems (TRS) is a start-up medical device company commercializing a breakthrough skeletal reconstruction and bone regeneration technology platform licensed from the Universities of Michigan and Wisconsin. The technology has been evaluated in several large animal studies with very promising long term results. The company has completed all required bench and animal testing and received 510K approval from the FDA, clearing both the technology platform and its first product for commercialization in the United States. The company recently established a fully integrated, FDA-compliant manufacturing operation.

To learn more about the collaboration between TRS and Johnson & Johnson, visit Click on "See Cases" and then select TRS for an informative 5-minute video.




eAgile Inc. designs and manufacturers a comprehensive product line of wireless devices including; Auto-ID (Automatic Identification), RFID (Radio Frequency Identification, including UHF, HF/NFC and LF frequencies), RTLS (Real Time Location Systems) and supporting infrastructure. The company has established itself as a premier global supplier of RFID solutions with item-level tracking of assets in numerous high growth markets. Millions of eAgile tags are sold every year to a diverse client base deploying eAgile solutions in more than 40 countries across five continents.

Exited Portfolio Companies



TransCorp Spine - Exited 2016
TransCorp Spine offers products and procedures for treatment of herniated cervical disks that are less invasive than traditional methods, enabling patients to recover more quickly. TransCorp Spine products enable the surgeon to rapidly, safely, and effectively decompress the cervical spine without the need to perform a diskectomy, fusion or arthroplasty.



RespondWell - Exited 2016
RespondWell is a leading telerehabilitation company. The company has developed a proprietary software package that facilitates, manages, and reports patients’ rehabilitation using 3D sensor technology found in the Xbox Kinect. Historically, patients requiring physical therapy begin with sessions in the hospital, then move to rehab clinics, and ultimately continue unsupervised rehab at home, self-reporting their efforts to their doctors. With the RespondWell system, patients utilize various condition-specific modules through gamified sessions that record and report patient results to providers and payors. The positive rewards and game-like scenarios encourage patients to continue rehab longer, producing better outcomes.